Chapati House 2

Chapati House doesn’t seem like much when you drive past it. The interior isn’t that impressive either. With seating for about 30 people, the decor is fairly basic, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen. The staff here are friendly and welcoming, and the service is above average. Even though the restaurant is located on busy South Road, the atmosphere is quite relaxed without too much noise.

Tonight, I ordered 4 curries which came out after a 15 minute wait.

BEEF ROGAN JOSH – Quality of the beef wasn’t the best. For the most part, the chunks were lean and tender, however there was one piece that was kind of fatty. The meat had time to soak in all the spices and was full of flavour.

Beef Rogan Josh
Beef Rogan Josh

BUTTER CHICKEN – One of the better Butter Chicken dishes I’ve had. Curry sauce was nice and mild. Meat was well cooked. Chicken thighs used with remnants of fat on some of the chicken pieces.

CHICKEN MOGLAI – Curry sauce was mild, thick and creamy. Chicken was tender, succulent and perfectly cooked. Chicken thighs were used and not all the fat was completely trimmed.

LAMB MASALA – Lamb was lean, succulent, tender and full of flavour. It was the better dish out of all the curries.

CURRIED VEGETABLES – Nice subtle curry flavour. Vegetables were really soft and easy to mash.

JASMINE RICE – Nice distinct grains of perfectly cooked rice. Rice was firm and fluffy. The addition of cashew nuts added a crunchy texture.

Looks are deceiving at this place as the quality of the meals were quite good. The prices are fantastic with most of the mains costing under $15. I will certainly be back.

WHERE: Shop 6a, 715/727 South Rd, Black Forest





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