Madame Wu’s Noodle Bar

I’ve heard good things about Madame Wu’s and last night, I dragged a group of friends to this place to check it out. The place is perfectly located as it’s close to the nearby cinema complex, and right in the hustle and bustle of the busy cafe precinct. The decor is modern and stylish, and the food here is more of an Asian fusion with more of an emphasis on traditional Thai. I was glad I made a booking here because this is amazingly popular.

The group ordered a whole range of dishes tonight, and within 15 minutes, all our meals arrived at the same time. They did forget to bring us our rice which then arrived another 5 minutes later. As another reviewer said, they are rather conservative with their steamed rice as it was barely enough to cover the main dishes. The rice itself was also a bit gluggy which indicated they added too much water in the rice cooker.

The highlights of the night were the Red Duck Curry, Basil and Chilli Paste Prawns, Coconut and Lime Chicken and the Kway Teow. The duck was tender, succulent and well spiced. The prawns were sweet, juicy and perfectly cooked. The chicken was spicy and tangy in flavour, yet very delicious. The combination of fresh Kway Teow and bean sprouts were a winning combination. All came in more than generous serving sizes.

The lowlight was the Masaman Lamb Curry. While the flavours were just right, the quality of the meat in this dish weren’t that great. I felt they could have got rid of all the fatty bits. With Masaman curries, the meat usually falls apart when you touch it with a fork. The lamb in this dish was tough and often I had to consume whole morsels in one go. I also felt the curry sauce was a bit watery. I’m used to a more thicker consistency that you find elsewhere.

Masaman Lamb Curry
Masaman Lamb Curry

The atmosphere here is vibrant and the staff can be a bit inattentive, particularly when busy. The price point is fairly good, considering you’re paying more at other Thai restaurants. The serving sizes are generous and satisfying. I would definitely come again, but I may give their Masaman Lamb Curry a miss.

WHERE: 195 The Parade, Norwood





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