I often find that I’m still hungry after attending a function that only serves finger food. I need a proper meal to get myself through the night. Restaurant kitchens usually close when you get past 8:30pm and going out for a proper meal can be difficult.

One of the options is Sofra Kebab House. Located on West Terrace, this place offers kebabs, yiros, falafels and sweets. The store is simply decorated and quite spacious. All the meals are available as combination deals, however, the staff will tell you the price if you don’t wish to have a drink. As you would in a restaurant, if you choose to dine in, payment is made after you have finished your meal.

Tonight, I ordered the Lamb and Chicken Kebab. The meal arrived 20 minutes after ordering. I did notice them cooking the kebabs in a wood fired oven, so I was happy to wait. The meal which was essentially a deconstructed yiros was pretty good. The chicken was well marinated, perfectly cooked and full of flavour. For the most part, the lamb was succulent and tender. There were pieces that were a bit tough to eat, most likely because the meat was cut with the grain.

Lamb and Chicken Kabab
Lamb and Chicken Kebab

Overall, the meal was pretty good. The price point is a bit high and there are areas in which this store could improve upon. I was impressed with the use of the wood fire oven to cook their kebabs as the freshly cooked meat was heavenly. I’d recommend this place, but only for take away.

WHERE: 60 West Tce, Adelaide





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