The Goody

I’m a fan of pubs that have lunchtime deals, as I like to minimise my losses, just in case the food isn’t up to scratch. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this place and my expectations weren’t high, however, I was aware they had $12 lunchtime specials. Their menu is fairly typical pub fare with a handful of internationally inspired dishes, and they do have meal specials on certain days of the week.


This pub adjoins a bottle shop and is situated on a large piece of real estate. I came here before the lunch hour rush and was able to easily get a park in their many spots located at the rear.

The venue itself is considerably spacious with numerous separate areas. I made my way to the bar area which leads to a contemporary beer garden. With outdoor heating, an under cover area, lounge seating and wall mounted flat screens in the beer garden, it’s quite easy to feel right at home.

A combination of normal and bar seating is available inside the bar area. The space is well lit with natural light flowing through it’s numerous frontages. With the pleasant background music, the place had a casual relaxed vibe.


For lunch, I ordered the Chicken Parmi. The dish came out 12 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented.

For a cheap lunchtime deal, they certainly brought out a generously sized piece of chicken. It was about an inch thick and it’s diameter took up roughly 60% of the plate. The schnitzel had a nice crunchy coating and the meat on the inside was perfectly cooked. The chicken was tender and succulent all the way through.

The Napoletana sauce was well applied with good coverage over the top of the schnitzel. It had a nice thick consistency, however, it lacked the rich tomatoey sweetness I was looking for. The mozzarella cheese topping was rather generous but I felt it could have been browned more under the grill.

I was pleased to see a Greek salad by the side of the schnitzel because that’s not very common. The feta was smooth and salty, while the olives looked a bit shribbled. The lettuce, tomato and red onion looked fresh, however, they quickly became soggy by the over application of the dressing.

The beer battered chips were perfectly cooked. They were nice and crunchy on the outside, and soft and fluffy in the centre. The amount of salt added was just right.

Chicken Parmi
Chicken Parmi

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing for the lunchtime deals was very reasonable. There are pubs that offer a pint and parmi for $10, however, the quality of the meal is usually substandard. My meal was by no means perfect, but for $14 ($2 extra for parmigiana topping), who am I to complain?

WHERE: 75 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood




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