La Boca Bar and Grill – All You Can Eat Menu

Top quality restaurants are usually synonymous with ordering bite sized portions of meat, artfully draped in a couple of micro herbs, subsequently paying to add a few greens or potatoes.

At first glance La Boca Bar and Grill is another one of those top quality restaurants, extraordinarily high quality cuts of meat, an incredible range of decadent dishes… but the upside is, between Sunday to Thursday, Dinner only, for $49 you can order ALL YOU CAN EAT! This is no ordinary bottomless meal, it’s a brilliantly curated Argentinian menu. South Australians are firm fans of restaurants who source and provide quality, local, in-season produce. Chef Nicolas Arriola has delivered just that, through his menu which is focused on creating a sublime culinary journey.

La Boca explains “Chef Nicolas Arriola is a truly global chef who was born and trained in Argentina. He has worked in restaurants all over the world including a 3 Starred Michelin restaurant in San Sebastian Spain and respected Grill restaurants in Budapest, New Zealand, Jakarta, China and Singapore.

As head chef of La Boca Bar and Grill, Chef Nicolas is determined to bring the food of his homeland to Adelaide and ensuring the Argentinian style of cooking is as traditional and true as it can be”

We love the vibrant dining experience at La Boca Bar and Grill, their Argentinian restaurant and bar is located on North Terrace, under the Stamford Plaza Adelaide hotel. Featuring the magnificent wood fired Parrilla-grill at its heart, the traditional Asador-fire pit cooking style and authentic dishes set the scene for a unique Argentinian dining experience. Bright colourful murals adore the walls, generating a funky vibe and conjure up memories of exotic destinations, it’s the next best thing to eating out in Argentina!

With six offspring in our family, ranging from 17-29, they would jump at the chance to try this upmarket version of the traditional ‘kids eat free buffet’ that we usually associate with an ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ deal! We all love a bit of theatre on a night out, so it was great to sit back and watch the meat being cooked to perfection on a roaring fire, right there in front of you. It’s a family friendly experience, spacious eating areas, loads of comfortable seating.. lots of booths and tables, in a relaxed atmosphere which allows guests to enjoy the artwork or head over to the extensive bar to order another cocktail, beer, wine or gin.

Priced at $49 per person, $15 for 5-11 years and free for children under 5.. the ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ experience is made up of shared platters which are brought out to your table. All guests at the table must participate in either All-You-Can-Eat or A La Carte, individual prices apply for customers who chose to dine A La Carte. Seating is for 90 minutes that begins when the first dish is served! No takeaway is permitted and a wastage fee applies, so avoid ordering every single dish on the menu, if your eyes are way bigger than your stomach!

Our night began with a couple of Cocktails; I opted for the Argentinian Bianco Sangria, Lee selected a roasted Sugarcane Daiquiri.. both were exceptionally good and set a high standard for what would follow!

We were salivating over the Menu and proceeded to order a number of savoury options beginning with a series of entrees. The Sweetcorn and Cheese Empanadas along with ham and cheese Empanadas. Both Empanadas were packed with flavour, from the golden crispy pastry to the tasty fillings. A plate of traditional pork sausage with a Saltbush Lamb Sausage followed, I wouldn’t usually order sausages but these were next level tasty sausages! The wood fired grill flavours on their Squid dish worked beautifully with the garlic and lime sauce. We finished up with crispy Chicken Wings, coated in an awesome Chimichurri seasoning to give them a fresh kick. La Boca’s signature garlic bread is superb and rounds out the list of entree dishes on offer.

Our Sides and Salads options included well seasoned, rosemary roasted Chat Potatoes, plus a Rocket, Parmesan and Pear Salad, also a bowl of great tasting, wood fired grill flavoured Seasonal Vegetables.

From the Grill.. we opted for a mix of Pork Scotch Fillet, Lamb Steak, Wagyu Steak and Gaucho Steak. The Chef’s personal picks include 8-hour Beef asador, 8-hour asador Pork Belly and a Lamb Shoulder. The platter of Meats that arrived was easily some of the best Steaks and Meats we have ever had the pleasure of devouring in one 90 min sitting, absolutely sensational! Generous servings of each cut of meat, our Carnivores in the family would’ve eaten themselves into a blissful Meat coma on all those succulent Steaks! The Pork Belly.. was juicy, sticky seasoned pork, with a crispy, crumbly layer of salty crackling, which was amazing! The slow cooked Beef was mouthwatering and fell apart on our forks. Lamb shoulder has to be tender and La Boca have perfected the art of flavourful, rich Lamb that will leave you wanting more. Our Meat Platter came with a scrumptious dipping Sauce which perfectly complemented the Meats. If Meat isn’t your choice, La Boca do a Grilled Barramundi too, I’m keen to go back and try their Fish…

By the time we had polished off the Meats, I’d been enviously watching platters of desserts delivered to diners nearby!

The Vanilla Cream Caramel with a Dulce de leche topping was so heavenly, I sent the cute little jar back clean! We balanced all that luscious sweetness with a serving of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. I can’t go past an appetising slice of Cake and La Boca serve up a traditional Coffee and Chocolate Cake which was very moreish and gratifying!! The highlight of the dessert platter for me was their Churros! We couldn’t resist ordering traditional Churros in an Argentinian restaurant and they didn’t disappoint…The Churros were hot and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, served with a caramel Fondue, which was a delectable dipping sauce and left us wanting to order more!

La Boca Bar and Grill was one of the best nights out we can remember. I phoned our 22 year old Steak Lover on the way home to recommend he book a table for dinner from Sunday to Thursday to take advantage of this lavish experience, fit for a king! Thank you to all the team at La Boca Bar and Grill for inviting us and making our evening so unforgettable.

Words by Jacqueline Collett

WHERE: 150 North Tce, Adelaide


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