Twenty Third Street on Melbourne – Vale Brewing & Fox Hat Beer Launch

With a new year comes new beers, and Twenty Third Street Distillery have recently heralded two new beers to their expansive beverage list at their Melbourne Street bar.

With their Renmark distillery built in 1914, Twenty Third Street established the Melbourne Street bar in 2016 as a home base to bring their Riverland ventures to Adelaide.

Twenty Third Street joins a portfolio of several alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands operated by Bickford’s Australia Owner Mr Angelo Kotses.

“Twenty odd years ago, hardly anyone knew [Bickford’s] outside of South Australia. When we started it, we were doing 20,000 boxes a year. We now do 1.2 million boxes a year, exporting to 39 countries around the world,” Mr Kotses said.

According to Head Brewer of Vale Brewing and Fox Hat, Mr Jeff Wright, the release of these two new beers comes after a long-time collaboration with a skilled brewing team and the family-owned Bickfords group.

“Both have been at the back of my head for at least two years now of what the next beers would be to come through the ranges,” Mr Wright said.

Girl About Town Co. invited Adelaide Food Central to sample Twenty Third Street Distillery’s two exciting new beers with an evening of canapes, cocktails and of course – plenty of beer flowing!

Vale Brewing Pale Ale, Tropic Ale

Landing just in time for summer, the Vale Brewing Tropic Ale is the perfect session ale for those balmy summer evenings. Containing an alcohol by volume percentage of 4.2%, the Tropic Ale is a balanced pale ale made for easy drinking for those who are new to the wide world of beer. Consisting of fruity elements of yellow tropical and summer stone fruits such as pawpaw, pineapple and mango, this beer has been perfectly brewed to showcase all the juicy hop flavours.

“It’s just one of those beers that you need to reward yourself for mowing the lawn, making it through to Friday, or just because you’re an awesome person,” Mr Wright said.

Fox Hat Heavy Handed Xtra Pale Ale

Known as “an eyebrow raising anthem for your senses”, the Fox Hat Heavy Handed Xtra Pale Ale is a deep golden beverage that can be enjoyed all year round, but will prove especially enjoyable during the chilly winter months. With an alcohol by volume percentage of 5.6%, the Xtra Pale Ale has a bit extra going on that your standard beer. Exuding a deep golden glow, spicy stone fruit aromas give way to a wave of complex spicy hops that wash over the tastebuds.

“This 5.6% Fox Hat beer has the lowest [alcohol volume percentage] of the Fox Hat core range, that we refer to it as the ‘brewer’s session ale’,” Mr Wright said.

Mr Angelo Kotses said that although South Australia contains 7.6% of the overall Australian population, he will continue to invest in the state as “[Bickford’s overdeliver on everything that [they] do”.

“With that comes the confidence that I have in everything that we make. We will make or match the best in the world,” Mr Kotses said.

Twenty Third Street Distillery on Melbourne is open Wednesday to Friday 4pm – late, and Saturdays and Sundays 11am – late.

Words by Tayla Giles

WHERE: 129 Melbourne St, North Adelaide


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