Mimi – Dinner Menu

After recently taste-testing their weekend brunch and daily lunch menus, MiMi proved that the third time truly is a charm with their exotic evening dinner menu.

Coffin Bay Oysters

Served on a bed of pure white compacted salt came four oysters direct from the shores of Coffin Bay along the Eyre Peninsula. Each oyster shell cradled a juicy morsel of meat, topped with crispy shallots and a Nham Jim Sauce, which is a popular Thai spicy sauce with lime juice. With a quarter of lemon to drizzle and decorative seaweed on the side, the toppings on these oysters make for a pleasant experience for those trying out the exotic dish for the first time.

Grilled Chicken Satay

Piled on top of one another in a tower were three thick slabs of chicken breast held together by a skewer with the MiMi logo on a flag. Each generous piece was juicy, succulent and grilled to perfection, the satay flavour having been soaked up to the core of the meat. To break up the meat with a light refreshment, a colourful salad made from cucumber, capsicum and bean sprouts lay next to it. A layer of thick, chunky peanut sauce coated the bottom of the dish, which paired perfectly with the chicken when dipped. Topped with crushed peanuts and fried shallots, this dish presents satay chicken in a unique way that is different from the traditional kebab-style skewer.

Red Curry with Confit Duck Leg

MiMi have all curries covered with the ‘Bangkok Junctions’ section of their menu, with curries of all the traffic light colours on offer. First we tried the “stop light” colour, which was a rusty red colour and thick in consistency. Laying on top was a confit duck leg, which was coated in a golden glaze that glowed in the evening restaurant lighting. The meat fell of the bone with ease, mixing in with the curry to create quite an unexpected kick. Rings of grilled pineapple added a fruity touch to the dish, whilst cherry tomatoes and eggplant complemented the tender duck like a match made in foodie heaven.

Yellow Curry with Crispy Soft Shell Crab

On top of a layer of thick and creamy yellow curry sauce made from egg was a pile of crispy soft shell crab. A golden batter coated each piece, contrasting the soft white crab meat that lay within the crispy layer of shell. Mixed within the yellow curry were pieces of red capsicum, celery and onion, which soaked through the batter of the crab to complement the salty, seafood flavour.

Thai Green Curry with Chicken Breast

Submerged in an earthy green curry were generous slices of chicken breast, the pure white meat soaking up the ivy green colours of the curry sauce. To continue the green theme of this curry, long pieces of grilled broccolini and Thai basil were mixed throughout the curry sauce, along with eggplant to contrast the slightly crunchy textures of the greens. Topped with uniquely presented bubbly crispy white rice crackers on top, this dish is the perfect option for foodie newbies to ease into the wide world of Thai curries.

Nation Wide Famous “Pad Thai”

No Thai menu tasting is complete without Pad Thai, which truly is a nation-wide famous dish. Nestled amongst a generous heaping of rice noodles were bean sprouts, pieces of fried egg, crushed peanuts and garlic chives, all of which combined to create a strong peanut flavour to the dish. Served with more crushed peanuts and chilli flakes on the side to add to your heart’s content, this particular pad thai was topped with three slabs of tofu. Each slice appeared to be coated in a slight herbal batter, with the inside being soft rather than rubbery like most tofu. With a quarter of lime to drizzle on the side and topped with a decorative sprout of spring onion on top, this pad thai proved exactly why the dish is nationally and internationally acclaimed.

With plenty of seafood, meat and vegetarian options to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds, MiMi’s dinner menu is available Monday to Sunday from 5:30pm – 9pm, excluding Tuesdays.

Words by Tayla Giles

WHERE: 50 Sturt St, Adelaide


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