Coco Flamingo

Coco Flamingo is offering a slice of beach paradise, conveniently located in North Adelaide. Opening their doors today, the health-conscious café will provide a wholesome, nourishing menu in a tropical inspired setting with exceptional customer experience top of mind.

Owner and founder, Luke Parrella, says, “I was inspired to open Coco Flamingo after traveling the East Coast of Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. I wanted to create a space that feels like you’re on a summer escape North Adelaide,” says Luke Parrella.

Coco Flamingo prides itself on providing a healthy menu, packed with natural flavours and aromas.

Customers can enjoy fresh smoothies and juices, seasonal salads, protein waffle bowls, vegetarian burgers and much more.

“My favourite way to start the day is with the Vegan Protein Waffle Bowl or the house made ‘coco crunch’ granola Smoothie Bowl paired with a Fair-Trade Organic Coffee served over ice. A variety of our cold drinks are served in a fresh coconut so everyone who walks through our doors will feel like they’re on vacation!” says Luke Parrella.

Each item on the menu has been thoughtfully chosen to ensure fun and flavour is not lost whilst catering for different dietary requirements including, vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free.

“We want our customers to get real and raw with what they choose to put in their bodies – we use the freshest produce in our juices and smoothies so they smell great and taste even better!” Says Luke Parrella.

The space boasts a unique layout with multiple nooks, including a lounge area, hanging chairs and plentiful seating. The contemporary design made up of earthy textures and colours conveys a laid-back, coastal vibe.

“I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for the past five years and love interacting with customers and working in a team environment. This, and my love for coffee, encouraged me to go on my own business venture and educate others, whilst enjoying the experience,” says Luke Parrella.

Coco Flamingo is located along Melbourne Street in North Adelaide and is open from 8am-3pm Tuesday to Sunday.

WHERE: 143 Melbourne St, North Adelaide

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