Wolf Blass Gallery and Museum – Tour and Tasting

Wolf Blass has brought his legacy to the historic town of Hahndorf, showcasing fifty-two years of winemaking history at Wolf Blass Gallery and Museum.

After three and-a-half years in the making, the collection was relocated from Wolf Blass Wines in the Barossa to the German village-style town of Hahndorf in late August of this year.

Wolf and Shirley chose Hahndorf as the location to settle the Foundation’s history as the town connected to Wolf’s personal experiences of being a German expat.

Housing numerous artefacts and memorabilia ranging from childhood photographs, to the first Melbourne Cup Trophy from 1865, the Wolf Blass Gallery and Museum provides a snapshot into the history of the South Australian wine industry.

A variety of wine flights, platters and a seasonal tapas menu are also available to enjoy whilst taking a blast to the past, which we were invited to taste-test for ourselves!

Hahndorf Platter

Elegantly presented on a circular platter with fresh breadsticks as the centrepiece, the Hahndorf Platter showcases an array of fresh local produce that the town and surrounds has to offer. Thinly sliced and cured prosciutto and spiced salami were sourced from artisan charcuterie Skara Smallgoods, whilst the hot smoked salmon was procured from Harris Smokehouse. To pair with these delectable meats were two varieties of cheeses, including the semi-soft Section 28 Mont Rouge and the irresistibly creamy brie from Udder Delights. Adding the perfect crunch to the platter were Lavash crackers and Sea Salt Grissini breadsticks from Baylie’s Epicurean Delights. Whilst Mylor Bakery’s Wholemeal Sesame Vienna Sourdough was the perfect soft base to layer cheeses or meats on top. Straight from the Beerenberg family farm just around the corner were a zesty Blood Orange Jelly and wholesome Toastie Relish, which soaked into the bread and crackers to add a fruity flavour to the grazing platter.

Duck Sausage

Aldgate Village Meats have created the perfect tapas dish for the Christmas season, combining classic duck with festive berries. Chopped into bite-size pieces, the duck was soft and crumbled in your mouth rather than tough and gritty like many other sausage dishes. The duck had a slight smokiness about it, fuelling a minor heat in the back of the throat that did not overpower the dish. Cherries and berries added sweet and fruity hints to the mixture, whilst roasted walnuts created a satisfying crunch.

Smoked Chicken

Deliciously tender and coated in a golden glaze on the skin, the Smoked Chicken from Noske Butchers of Hahndorf came with a Chipotle Aioli dipping sauce on the side that was surprisingly creamy rather than too spicy. Flavours of tea, hickory and star anise all went into the glaze on top, which coated the crispy skin of the chicken. All of these notes had seeped into the chicken breast, which had a mouth-watering juiciness with every bite.

Chorizo and Prawns

Combining herbal spice with freshness from the sea, the Chorizo and Prawns were combined with thin slices of home-preserved lemon which added a hint of zest to the dish. Sourced from Spencer Gulf King Prawns, these little beauties were perfectly curled and still had their tails on. The Skara Smallgoods chorizo was thick, juicy and had quite a kick to it. However, the freshness of the prawn and lemon balanced out the earthy spice of the chorizo to cleanse the palate.

Duck & Grand Marnier Pâté

Along with an assortment of crunchy, home-baked breads came a bowl of Duck Liver and Grand Marnier Pâté. Crunchy at the crusts yet soft at the centre, the bread slices were the perfect base to smother with pâté. Concealed by a golden layer of butter that simply melts in your mouth, the delicious pâté lay hidden underneath just waiting to be uncovered. The duck liver was sourced locally from Hahndorf’s Noske Butchers, adding a rich meat flavour coupled with a hint of herbs and onion. Unlike the coarse texture of many other pâtés, this particular one was smooth, creamy and easy to spread.

With plenty of cosy seating areas inside as well as a back decking area overlooking the lush greenery of the age-old oak trees, Wolf Blass Gallery and Museum is a must-see on any tourist’s walking tour of Hahndorf.

The Gallery and Museum also offer the Board Room for functions and events, seating 18 people comfortably in a private dining area complete with a decorative barrel wall installation.

Located along the scenic Main Street of Hahndorf just next to the Visitor information Centre, Wolf Blass Gallery and Museum is open Mondays and Thursdays 11am – 5pm, and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11am – 7pm.

Words by Tayla Giles

WHERE: 62 Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf


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