Vape Square Lounge

The vaping movement has landed in South Australia with the launch of Vape Square Lounge, Adelaide’s newest world-class vape venue that is a first of its kind.

After booming in popularity overseas, the vape movement has made its way to Australian shores and continues to be a growing industry experiencing high demand.

From the minds behind Smokemart and Giftbox, Vape Square is a concept store that will provide the local vaping community an Australian-first experience.

Executive Director of the Peregrine Corporation, Dr Sam Shahin, said that Vape Square Lounge “is a very unique offering, certainly in the Australian landscape”.

“What you see here is an Australian-first in terms of a retailer putting a store like this in a prime location and saying we are in the business of vaping,” Dr Shahin said.

General Manager of Vape Square Lounge, Mr Josh Hill, said that the store has “Australia’s largest bricks and mortar range” of e-juices, with over one thousand flavoured e-juices available to choose from.

“It’s made up of a lot of local suppliers, and I think that’s a really important part,” Mr Hill said.

Vape Square Lounge also offers a unique Oakey e-juice mix lab with 45 high-quality e-juice mixes to combine. With Oakey meaning ‘to bring one together’, this mixology lab connects specialised mixologists with customers to create personalised e-juice flavours.

“A customer can walk in and if they don’t want one of our 1,023 flavours, then they can move over to the mix lab, which is an exciting concept,” Mr Hill said.

For those who are new to the vaping experience, five vapedex testing units – each with ten different flavours – allow customers to sample a variety of e-juices in a hygienic, safe environment.

Handpicked from Smokemart and Giftbox stores across South Australia, a team of
ten highly knowledgeable and experienced staff are always on-hand to answer all of your vaping queries.

An on-site café will also be serving up coffee and toasties, which you can enjoy with a vape as you kick back and relax in their beautiful lounge and seating area.

With an extensive hardware range, plenty of vape charging and cleaning stations, as well as free Wifi, Vape Square Lounge welcomes everyone in the vaping community – from beginners to experts.

“We want to make sure we deliver the ultimate customer experience to anyone who walks into this beautiful establishment,” Mr Josh Hill said.

Dr Sam Shahin said that he hopes this will be the first of many Vape Square Lounge stores to open across Australia.

“We’ve put a stake in the ground and said this is a product that we believe in and are going to do it better than anybody in the country,” Dr Shahin said.

Over the weekend, local radio station FreshFM will be conducting live broadcasts from Vape Square Lounge with a different theme for every day.

Located in Charles Street Plaza just off of Rundle Mall, Vape Square Lounge officially opened their doors on Thursday 6 December and will be open 8am – 9pm 7 days a week.

Words by Tayla Giles

WHERE: 17 Charles Street Plaza, Adelaide


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