Ambra Liqueurs – Icy Pop Launch

Ambra Liqueurs has been a household name in the Australian Liqueur business for 20 years now. Promoting natural ingredients, family recipes, Australian products and good vibes, Ambra has built themselves up as a staple of flavour. Always interested in partnership and trying new things, Ambra invited Adelaide Food Central to try a number of different concoctions with the star of the show being their new Lemoncello Icy Pop.

Created in partnership with Golden North, Ambra look to invoke heartfelt memories of the hot summers of our childhoods. With sweet summer cocktails and icy Lemoncello pops at the ready, Ambra has everything you need to spend a lazy day in the afternoon sun. The pops have an alchahol content of 1.15%. Being light enough to be sold at a variety of locations for adults and kids to enjoy.

Cool icy pops wasn’t all Ambra has in store. With their new Blood Orange liquer, we were treated to a twist to their well-known Ambra Spritz cocktail. Ambra Blood Orange, Prosecco, a splash of soda water and garnished with a slice of blood orange and a sprig of basil. The Blood Orange Spritz is the whole package of a tangy pick me up to keep you refreshed.

The new Blood Orange liqueur was also showcased in a Blood Orange blush. Blood Orange liqueur, a splash of cranberry, topped up with orange soda. Simple yet delicious. Ambra have highlighted the versatility of their new flavours and their willingness to branch out beyond liqueurs.

This is all available to you at their Cellar door and Spritz bar in Thebarton. Open 9am to 5pm Wednesday to Friday, they are open for the public to chill out and try the many great flavours that this loved SA brand produce. Friday 5pm til late on the first Saturday of the Month they open up their Spritz bar to treat guests to try a number of the delicious spritz which are possible with Ambra liqueurs. They top this off with a tour of their facility to show everything that goes into your favourite drink. Reservation for the Spritz bar is an absolute must as these do fill up quick.

Summer is just about upon us in full force. So, it will absolutely pay to looking into this charming venue of a SA family brand for a delightful summer day.

Words and Photos by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 43 Phillips St, Thebarton


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