The launch for Loop – a circular economy platform, was an event that brought professionals across all sectors and industries together. CEO’s, Jodie Bricout and Melissa Miller hosted the event along with support from the Renew Adelaide and Culshaw Group.

The aim of the event was to showcase Loops concepts of recycling resources to gain maximum value to reduce waste and lower the environmental impact.

Jodie said “Many companies around the world are innovating in this space. They are creating amazing products, amazing services, amazing systems and making money out of it. They’re growing their business in a really intelligent way that doesn’t harm the resources of our planet.”

Jodie wants to see a lot more businesses in Australia following these concepts with the help of government legislation and university research.

After the speeches, everyone was given time to connect their businesses and ideas with each other. I got to talk with Reza Karani, who is the Technical Marketing & Sustainability Manager of Tarkett.

Tarkett gathers waste from factories and recycles it to produce over 6 million different types of carpet. Reza said his carpets “have a 100 per cent recyclable content”. Tarkett also provided the carpet for the event.

I also got to meet Daniel Franco who runs SpacetoCo, which is a sharing economy platform for short term space hire. People list their properties on SpacetoCo for free so others can rent them. They get listings for functions, board rooms, town halls and even parks. “It’s all about re-using what you have”, he said.

Paul Mayers provides creative opportunities for young people to improve their lives. Paul didn’t know what a circular economy platform was. “I don’t really know what it’s about to be honest”, he said. Paul was there to meet others who work in socially conscious ways to bring the community sector and the private sector together.

Business student, Abe Soufan enjoyed the event because he “met a lot of professional business people”.
There was only five products showcased on the wall to grasp Loops concept. The event was a meet and greet for business owners and entrepreneurs to connect with each other. The room was too small for the event and guests were squished shoulder to shoulder, politely squeezing themselves through the crowd to get food and drinks.

However Renew Adelaide did an amazing job at providing drinks from wines to craft beer. The pulled pork on a bed of spinach leaves was delicious and a vegetarian option of corn and carrots on spinach was also provided.

Words and Images by Christian Cominos


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  1. that’s ok. I would not have wanted much food or drink anyway

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