Emma Hack – Art and Wine Bar

Prominent South Australian artist, Emma Hack, has recently opened up a new venue connecting SA’s love of fine wine and art.

The Renew Adelaide venue, partnered with SA Art Bar, officially launched last Thursday evening at the Hindmarsh Ergo Apartments on Sturt Street, in Adelaide’s CBD; serving as an exhibition space for the SA Art Collective; the finalists of the Emma Hack Art Prize over the past four years.

Titling the exhibition ‘SA Love’, Emma hopes to create a community in this space, wanting her clients to see more beautiful artwork from bright upcoming artists, all while sipping a glass of local wine and snacking on different sweet and savoury treats.

Hoping her audiences get a love for the best of what South Australia has to offer.

Best know for her body paint works and photography, such as her Wallpaper series (2005-2013) in which she hand painted on the human body to flawlessly camouflage it into the floral designs of the late Florence Broadhurst; Emma Hack is also known for her collaboration with musician and singer Gotye on his music video for ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.

The Renew Adelaide venue currently holds over 100 works by over 40 amazing south Australian artists and all of their works are available for purchase, with an additional Gift shop too if you are looking for something a bit smaller to take home.

Emma Hack’s Art bar is currently showcasing Oliver’s Taranga wines, which she also recently had been collaborating with to create the bespoke label of their new Sparkling Fiano.

Next month, Dell’uva Wines will be showcased over the Christmas festivities.

The fabulous Adelaide artists will also make different installations of art every six moths in this space, so audiences can get a taste of different works each time they visit.

Located on Sturt Street in the city, the venue is open from 12-7pm every week from Thursday to Sunday (inclusive).

So why not come along one afternoon and experience the best food and wines of South Australia, all while looking at amazing works of art. You will not be disappointed.

Words and Photos by Cyndal King

WHERE: 52 Sturt St, Adelaide

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