Hobo Brewing

Monday night Adelaide Food Central was invited to the Archer Hotel for the Hobo Brewing launch. The launch was held on the upstairs balcony of the hotel, which supplied a night filled with thirst quenching beer, delicious food and live music.

Hobo Brewing, based in South Australia, aims to create a fresh and balanced enjoyable beer that their consumers can enjoy on any occasion. All of Hobo’s recipes are inspired by exploration and have been sourced from all areas of the globe. Hobo Brewing have created a beer for every occasion and every strength, including names such as Pale, Mid-Ipa, Session Ale, and Apa. It was fantastic to be able to support a local business and watch people enjoying the delicious brews throughout the night.

The Archer Hotel also provided us with delicious nibbles including ribs, mini burgers, wedges and jalapeno poppers. I must mention how incredibly juicy and tender the ribs were, with the meat just falling off the bone.

A special thank you to Girl About Town for inviting us to this fun filled event. We would also like to thank the Archer Hotel for hosting this event and to the staff that were extremely helpful with our requests.

Words by Tomika Salerno

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