Noshery – VIP Media Launch

The word ‘noshery’ is defined as a “restaurant or other place where food is served”, whilst in Adelaide Noshery is a Mediterranean-style restaurant located at the southern end of King William Street in the CBD. Noshery has been around for a few years now but recently has come under new management. With a décor overhaul and revamped menu Adelaide Food Central hosted a small event where a select few fellow ‘foodies’ were given the opportunity to sample what the new Noshery has to offer. All food on the night was provided free of charge.

Walking into Noshery is like stepping into a time warp back to the Victorian era. There are numerous ornamental large gold-framed paintings and mirrors on wallpapered walls, around ten small marbleised tables covered with doilies and table cloths (almost reminiscent of visiting my Grandma’s house) and a glass-walled frontage with elegant red drapery which overlooks King William Street. Whilst the restaurant itself is quite small it is certainly not cramped, cosy in fact, and makes for a wonderfully quiet and relaxed atmosphere to dine in. There are also a handful of tables outside for those warm balmy summer nights. The Mediterranean-inspired menu boasts entrées including Moules Mariner (a black mussel dish) and Los Calamaros (deep fried squid rings), salads, pasta and risotto, pizza and other main dishes such as Chicken Cordon Bleu and Rump Steak, and don’t forget about dessert. Noshery also has an extensive beverage list showcasing local South Australian wines.


We began our evening with an entrée of Crostini with mushroom and cheese. The serving size was quite large given that ‘crostini’ literally means “little crusts” in Italian. Having said this, the bread, which resembled focaccia, was lovely and soft on the inside with a crunchy top and bottom which held up well to the juicy and flavoursome mushroom and melted cheese topping. I liked that the flavour of the mushrooms shone through despite the large portion of bread underneath. However, I would have liked the toppings to be a little more generous and be spread to the edge of the bread. All in all, this entrée was a nice change to traditional tomato bruschetta.

For main course, Mr L and I decided to share three dishes. Of course we couldn’t say no to a bowl of pasta, so the first of these was the Spaghetti Gambas with fresh South Australian King prawns cooked in a garlic, chilli, herb and white wine sauce. This dish was the standout for me on the night. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the sauce not oily like some pasta dishes can be. The prawns were of a decent size with the flesh cooked through. I would have loved to see a few more prawns in the serving; you can never have too many prawns! My only criticism was the lack of chilli. Whilst I don’t like food so hot you can’t actually taste any other flavours, I do like a bit of spice, especially when the menu lists “chilli” as a component of a dish.

Next were the Memphis Pork Ribs served with chunky seasoned chips and mixed greens. The ribs were cooked in a tasty Hickory-flavoured BBQ sauce and the meat fell off the bone with very little effort at all. The chips were crunchy, which is certainly important when it comes to hot chips, had the right amount of saltiness and held up well to the saucy ribs sitting on top.

The final main course was the Braised Lamb. This dish consisted of a single lamb shank braised in Barolo wine and rich vegetable stock served on a bed of fettucine tossed through with garlic, chilli and olive oil. Whilst the lamb shank itself was tender and fell off the bone just like the ribs, I found the dish quite ‘dry’ overall due to the lack of sauce or jus, which could have been drizzled over the shank to bring all the elements together. Once again the pasta was well cooked, but in contrast to the Spaghetti Gambas which lacked chilli flavouring, the fettucine packed quite a punch.


To cater for the sweet tooths that we are we also ordered two desserts; the Crêpe Suzette and Ice Cream Truffle. The crêpe itself, resembling more of a pancake, was rolled and filled with vanilla ice cream and served with a wild berry and orange sauce. For me the orange flavour was a little too subtle considering it’s a key feature of a traditional Crêpe Suzette.


Last, but by all means not least, the Ice Cream Truffle. For me this dish was the ‘best dressed’ on the night; simple yet elegant. The Ice Cream Truffle reminded me of a glamorised nut sundae and consisted of two scoops of vanilla ice cream rolled in a nut and dried fruit mixture and topped with chocolate and strawberry syrups. I liked the contrast between textures in this dessert; from the smooth ice cream, to the crunchy mixed nuts and chewy dried fruit. A yummy sweet treat to end the evening on.

I felt that the service at Noshery was particularly slow for the mid-week dine with long intervals between each course. Having said that, the restaurant was almost at capacity with paying diners, but it was obvious the restaurant was understaffed with some customers complaining about waiting too long for their meals. The staff at Noshery were friendly and accommodating, but we felt the reason for that was because we going to write about them. The prices at Noshery are something that can’t be overlooked, in a good way that is! They are some of the cheapest I have seen of late, but you’ll find that the dishes are below average and that is reflected in the pricing. If you don’t believe me, go to the restaurant and experience it for yourself. Only then will you know what I’m talking about.

Words by Kelly Betterman

WHERE: 333 King William St, Adelaide

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