Samtass Brothers Seafood Street Cafe

Samtass Brothers Seafood is an all Australian family owned seafood processing and distribution company. Samtass primarily caters for South Australian seafood consumers through its two large retail operations; one in the Central Markets and the other in Richmond.

As an extension to their seafood operations, their Richmond store conducts a seafood barbecue at lunchtimes from Wednesday to Saturday. While very basic in appearance and setup, they offer a small selection of seafood options which utilises what they sell.


For lunch, I had the Grilled Mulloway Fillet, and Salt and Pepper Squid which sat on a bed of garden salad. The fish was well marinated, tender, succulent and perfectly cooked. The Salt and Pepper Squid was cut up into decent sized chunks. Some portions were quite salty and some of the squid was over cooked. The salad was just that and could have done with some dressing.

Grilled Mulloway
Grilled Mulloway

While technically, it is a cafe, the term is used very loosely in this case. What I saw was an outdoor grill with a couple of deep fryers. The outdoor furnishings looked old and out dated. The hygiene was also questionable. The person doing the cooking was also handling the floor coverings and lining the rubbish bins, and at no point did I see hands being washed.

Having said that, the food wasn’t too bad. The fish was definitely the highlight, while the squid could have been cooked better. The seafood items start from $6 and go up to $14, which was fair.

WHERE: 201-205 Richmond Rd, Richmond




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